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TALK TO YOURSELF: It May Be The Best Conversation You Have All Day

Have you ever caught yourself talking to yourself? Have you ever found yourself talking to yourself in a negative way? If so, you’re not alone. If you’re like most people, we often affirm our insecurities, highlight what we can’t do or what is not possible. Did you know that studies have shown that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative? Motivational Speaker/Minister Robert N. Harper II believes we don’t have to be a victim of negative thinking, but rather we can and we must replace the old conversation with a new one.


Robert Harper II, is a native of Houston, TX. He’s a graduate of the University of Houston. Robert Harper II is a sensational motivational speaker, author, educator and minister. He has a style that’s all his own. His ability to not only communicate with his audience but connect with them is what makes him memorable. His message is full of hope, passion and sincerity. The impact Robert makes on his audience is due to his heart of compassion. He knows life can become challenging and very unexpected. That is why he believes people are in need of a helping hand instead of a judgmental finger. Robert is dedicated to his craft and the art of communicating effectively. It’s clear that he gets it. He knows how to meet you where you are but loves you enough not to leave you there.

Robert is a dynamic and sought after speaker. Over Robert’s twelve years of professional speaking, he’s had the privilege to speak to various crowds such as corporations, colleges, High schools, churches, organizations and etc. He has empowered thousands to walk out their fullest potential. He encourages them to live out their potential not only for themselves but for those they are connected to.

Robert is also the author of the phenomenal book “Talk to Yourself”. The book is designed to give individuals the tools they need to conquer self doubt, limited thinking and negative self talk. He approaches the book from a practical, psychological and spiritual perspective. The book will take one from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Robert draws from his own experiences as they relate scholastic struggles, family tragedies , personal challenges and etc. Robert knows the obstacle of growing up in a high peer pressured environment and where one struggles to be his or her authentic self. Through his obstacles and challenges he has learned to recycle his pain. He has turned his pain into a powerful example of a life lived on purpose. His setbacks in life has now positioned him to relate in a dynamic way to his audience.

In a society that often promotes appearing to be rather than actually being-Robert endeavors to put a high premium on character over reputation. Robert encourages his audience to know that life is bigger than just themselves. We all have a responsibility. A responsibility to live on purpose, pursue our passions and project our divine destinies.


School Topics

  • You Have to Become a Game Changer

  • You Have More in You Than You Think

  • Beliefs and Actions Have to Line Up (Decisions)

  • How Do I Win

  • Success and Nothing Less

Corporate Topics

  • Creating Change Agents

  • Perspective Impacts Performance

  • You Win When You Know it is Not About You

  • Understand Context Before You Judge Content (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

  • Character Over Reputation (Creating a Winning Culture)

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“Thank you so much for the excellent job you did as the guest speaker for our graduation at the College of Health Care Professions. You really motivated the students as well as the entire CHCP team. We have had many high-profile speakers in the past, such as Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, and I must say, that your speech was right up there among the elite. Thanks”

Tammy V. Buster, Area Director of Career Services, The College of Health Care Professions

“Robert makes is clear that you are the sole owner of your destiny through positive affirmation. Harper’s message teaches us to declare victory with positive affirmation through tough times. Robert Harper is the next Robert Harper!! Embrace his affirmation.”

Dr. Hilton J. Lasalle, Professor of Psychology

“Robert Harper II is an amazing human being and an outstanding speaker. He has an innate gift of motivating by making you take a good look inside of yourself. I’ve had the great pleasure of hearing him speak on many occasions, and each time, I left a better person. I highly recommend Robert Harper II.”

Sheldon Moss, Assistant Dean, Student Services


Robert Harper II
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If you’re interested in working with Robert and would like inquire about his rates or book him for your upcoming event, complete the form below or send an email to [email protected].

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